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Corten Steel, also known as weathering steel, is a special steel originally developed for bridge building and skyscraper construction due to its incredible strength. It develops a protective, striking rust appearance on exposure to the weather, creating warm rich textures not always associated with metal. Due to the chemical composition of Corten Steel, a very dense oxidation layer is formed during the weathering process which protects the blue steel inside. If this protective barrier is compromised, it will simply form a new skin to protect itself. Corten Steel is extremely durable and has a far higher resistance to atmospheric corrosion than other steels.

Unique Features of Corten Steel

Among of the variety of products offered to the customers Corten Steel is much popular due to its distinctive characteristics as mentioned below :-


  • Outstanding corrosion resistance- Corten steel Corrosion resistance is 8 times that of common steel, so you don’t need to worry about bad weather, moist climate, wind-sand zones and other harsh environments.
  • Reasonable Price- Price is fairly better than stainless steel, although corten steel corrosion resistance is very good. And corten steel is more suitable for an outdoor pastoral style environment.
  • Wide variety of colours and patterns- Our factory invented surface pretreated technology of corten steel is available to meet the client’s different color and pattern requirement which can better fuse environment and aesthetic art. Different colour patterns could be checked as provided below in the weathering process.
  • Maintenance- Due to high corrosion resistance, maintenance is reduced as the material is subjected to less damage. Only periodic cleaning and inspection is required.
  • Malleable- Easy to shape and carve any kind of pattern by laser cutter. This feature makes the Corten fire pit ideas more artistic.

Step by Step Weathering Guide

Stage 1 – Freshly manufactured Corten Steel. At this stage the dark oily residue coats the Corten Steel.

Stage 2 – The oily residue is beginning to break down, as the Corten Steel begins to weather.

Stage 3 & Stage 4 – The “Run-Off” stage – This can take around 3-9 months depending on weather and positioning.

Stage 5 & Stage6 – The final stages of the weathering process. Some “Run-Off” may still occur as the Corten Steel patina develops to a striking, more consistent appearance.




  • Glass-fibre Reinforced Concrete [GRC]- It is the generic term for a high-strength composite material made from cement mortar reinforced with bundled strands of glass fiber filaments.
  • Glass-fibre Reinforced Plastic [GRP or Fiberglass]- It is similar to GRC in essential composition, except that the binder in Fiberglass planters is polyester or epoxy resin, rather than cement.

GRC and GRP are largely interchangeable for many generic planter applications as both materials are-

  • Moldable
  • Weatherproof and water resistant
  • Can be custom-coloured (either within the material itself and/or via an exterior paint finish)
  • Similar cost
  • Economical (Bespoke manufacture in either material also requires an upfront investment in moulds, meaning that the unit costs are cheaper therefore, greater volume)

JPH is engaged in manufacturing GRC/FRP elements in its most modern and  advanced plant. We use high quality composite material Made of Premium White Cement, Fine, Quartz Silica Sand, AR Glass Fiber, Bonding agents, Chemical Admixtures and Water etc.


Tailor made:

  • Can be molded in the plant to any shape, size or form, color and texture depending upon the choice of Architect.


High quality fiber:

  • We use only international standard material for Fiber planters. Most of the time we use Owens-Corning Matt and ISO Resins, use of branded pigments and PU Coating which are U/Frost resistant as per European standard. Companies like Axalta, Ackzo Nobel, Asian Paint are used for material purchase.
  • Highly skilled paint technicians with the expertise to do automotive and high-quality paint jobs are hired.
  • Speeds up construction.

The advantages and benefits of GRP:

  • The moulding of GRP can be more intricate and finer-detailed than GRC
  • The surface finish of GRP tends to be more sophisticated and refined
  • GRP planters are lighter than GRC planters

The advantages and benefits of GRC:

  • The aesthetic of GRC is more naturalistic than GRP, particularly when the material is colour tinted rather than exterior paint finished
  • GRC is the stronger material, to be favoured for larger or more structural mouldings
  • GRC has significantly greater weight than GRP, whilst still being typically 75-80% lighter than precast concrete
  • GRC has greater density and impact resistance, for example for use in public realm
  • GRC is fire resistant, and does not burn or emit smoke when exposed to fire, which may be a statutory requirement

As a result of the above, GRP tends to be specified for residential and light commercial applications, and for interior landscaping, particularly where detailed moulding and/or a refined standard of finish is desired.

GRC tends to be specified for more challenging environments, including the public realm, often as a lighter and more design-flexible alternative to precast concrete.



  • Material- Glass-fibre Reinforced composites, with either cement or resin binders
  • Construction- Hand moulded, and either tinted or exterior painted
  • Colour- Any RAL reference, or physical colour sample to match
  • Surface-  Mid-sheen finish, or as specified
  • Suitability-  As described above



The key benefits of Aluminium, which can in certain circumstances make it a preferred material for planter fabrication, are that it does not corrode when exposed to the elements, and it has a higher strength: weight ratio than steel. It is however about 30% more expensive than powder coated steel.


Raw Form

Aluminium planters can be supplied ‘raw’ (without any external paint or coating), and develop a naturally weathered, often pitted appearance which will last outdoors for decades without maintenance.  However, we generally apply a clear lacquer coat, which means the silvery-grey unweathered appearance can be retained, at no detriment to longevity.


Powder Coated Form

Aluminium planters can also be supplied powder coated in any RAL shade, or in one of the many special powder coat finishes available. Powder coated aluminium and steel look, and perform, essentially the same; but aluminium will not corrode if the surface paint finish is scratched through to bare metal. Thus, for heavily-trafficked areas, the additional cost of powder coated aluminium over steel can be justified, if a long Design Life Performance is desired.



  • Material– 2mm aluminium (or thicker, as required, up to 6mm)
  • Coating– Clear coated or colour powder coated, ‘raw’ if required
  • Construction– Faired externally with smooth corners and edges
  • Surface– Matte, satin, gloss, metallic or specialist finishes available
  • Suitability– All environments, including public realm



This industrial-style Galvanised Steel Planter is part of a new home and planters range from JP , designed especially with planters and landscape areas in mind. Manufactured from premium quality hot dipped galvanised steel and left in its natural form to give that industrial feel to gardens and patio areas. Galvanised Zinc Planters enhanced with chromium will maintain its sheen.

These planters are ready to hold some of your largest house plants and outdoor small trees, in fully assembled as well as dismantled form.

These planters look great on decking areas or placed on grass and comfortably homes large plants.



  • Drainage holes: Each planter is manufactured with drainage holes to ensure rainwater can run out of the bottom.
  • Lining: We also recommend lining your planter before placing soil and plants inside.

These planters make an excellent feature piece or bundled together with other planters from our range to bring bright elements to any area on even the dullest of days!


Properties of Galvanised zinc:

  • Durability: Coating life and performance are reliable and predictable.
  • Less maintenance: It lasts longer and needs less maintenance.
  • Long life: The life expectancy of galvanized coatings on typical structural members is far in excess of 50 years in most rural environments, and 20 to 25 years plus, even in severe urban and coastal exposure.
  • Toughest coating: A galvanized coating has a unique metallurgical structure that gives outstanding resistance to mechanical damage in transport, erection and service.

The galvanised steel is very sturdy and durable, offering you longevity as well as style.



Fire pits are a year-round outdoor entertaining essential for us—they’re the perfect gathering place for roasting s’mores on summer evenings and a cozy spot to warm up on chilly autumn nights. A fire pit is essentially a round or square bowl-shaped container in which fuel is burned to create radiant heat. The heat is given off by the flames and coals within the pit, and also from the heated up container. You can also add a grill to many models if you want to do some barbecuing.

Our collection of fire pits spans a wide breadth of sizes, shapes, and styles, all in a variety of durable materials that are meant to last. Lately, we’re gravitating toward COR-TEN steel as our material of choice and we wanted to share why we love it with you here!




We offer a wide selection of A Frames for storing granite, stone, and other types of slabs. Our A Frames should be a good fit for almost any kind of job, fabrication shop, slab yard, or stone distributor. A-Frame incorporates two standard A-Frames joined by cross bars which can be extended to an overall length of 5 feet (1.52 meters). It can be fitted with angled timber blocks to protect materials. The sturdy structure is designed for picking up and moving slabs from one factory to another and handling heavier slabs. We can also customize the A-Frame design as per customer requirement. Typically, different A type made are-transport A Frame, Storage A Frame, A Frame plus with design to support poles as well.



  • Heavy duty material used for higher life and maximum strength.
  • UV Resistant paint for higher reusability and minimum rusting.
  • Moulded and Bolted design for easy transportation and reusability.



A good racking system optimizes the storage area and efficiency of your operation, providing many years of reliable service. The bundle racks are ideal for distributors and shops that stock large bundles of granite and marble. As inventory is used, posts can be adjusted horizontally, thus eliminating unused portions of the rails, making space available for replacement slabs and bundles.


Construction of the Bundle Rack

The bundle racks consist of a pair of galvanized steel rails 6m long, together with rectangular steel tubular poles with wheels. The rectangular post can be positioned anywhere along the rack. There are 79 compartments in each rack for multiple pole pair and maximum load storage. Racks comes with riveted hole and can be bolted on ground for safety purposes.



  • The rails contain rectangular poles of 60x60MM with Heights of 1600 MM spaced 10mm apart allowing for adjustment of post in 110mm increments for maximum storage efficiency.
  • All Bundle racks are welding from all four sides by MIG Welding to ensure smooth movement of poles and double safety to carry maximum load.
  • The rack heights are 140mm from the floor for alignment of glass or stone dolly used for transporting. Rectangular tube posts are galvanized and topped with heavy duty Wheels to prevent scratches and marking to polished surfaces.
  • Wheel design is unique in industry and we are the innovators for the design.


JP Hollandwoven Poles are unique in industry, we are the first to introduce wheels instead of rubber caps on top of poles. Rubber caps are subjected to wear and tear but premium quality nylon wheels have long life and ensure there is easy movement of stone slabs.



Our Display racks are used for the purpose of displaying samples of various sizes of stone, tiles, and landscaping material. Our Heavy-duty display rack is foldable and can be moved to any space as per display requirements. All material used in Display racks is high quality for premium outlook and paint used is UV resistant for long lasting life.

Key Features

  • Heavy duty design for higher weight storage.
  • Design aligned for Display in slanted angle for better display.
  • UV Resistant Paint for external quality.


We also deal in other allied tools for stone industry like Spinning Display Unit, Trolleys, fabrication Stands. As per customer orders, we provide customization on design and also are flexible for any unique requirements.




Fire glass is composed of small bits of tempered glass that is used in fireplaces and fire pits. The fire and ice combination quickly became a fast-growing trend for homeowners and designers since its introduction in the mid 2000’s. Since then, it has been much more common to see fire glass used in fire pits, tabletop fireplaces, and fireplaces.

Fire glass serves two purposes; aesthetics and functional. Fire glass became a popular alternative to fake ceramic gas logs that kill the natural ambiance of a dancing flame. Exposed gas lines create an awkward visual that makes it apparent that you are not experiencing a real flame.

Fire glass provides a decorative way to cover up gas jets with beautiful pebbles and crystals that not only look great but increase heat radiation by up to 4 times! Fire glass pebbles are available in a variety of shapes and colours that can create a glowing focal point in your backyard or inside the family room.

The translucence of fibre glass creates quite a spectacle as it shimmers and glitters under the night sky. Flames rise up around the glass in a way that makes it appear as though the glass pebbles are on fire. Fire glass pebbles are available in a variety of colours like orange, blue, green, and yellow to set the tone that is in accord with your décor.



Corten or weathering steel is typically used for landscaping and outdoor construction. It is made with alloys that cause its surface to develop a self-protecting rust when exposed to weather. The insulating patina resists corrosion, requires no painting or weather-proofing, and doesn’t compromise structural strength.Corten steel is perfect for modern landscapes. The color and texture fits very well with acid washed concrete, aggregates such as decomposed granite, and is the perfect backdrop for grasses and matrix planting schemes.



Corten Steel screens are natural in look, flexible in design for both indoor and outdoor uses and a strong and bold patina makes Corten steel a great choice for any project requiring screening – whether it be decorative fence screens, privacy, balustrade, facades or laser-cut garden screens.

Corten steel is beautiful when used in residential and commercial developments. With hard-wearing durability and high tensile strength an added bonus, Corten laser-cut screens can span larger areas, and in certain cases be free standing in landscaping projects.

JP can provide optional borders, fixing points, bracketry, folding, welding and installation services for all Corten screen projects. Our team of designers can assist with an individual piece for your job, or you can pick one of our standard ranges of screens or decorative metal panels. Our flexibility in design renders endless possibilities.



The JP Corten Wall comes in a variety of sizes, each perfect to fill any space in your garden! The blue Corten steel will weather naturally within 6-9 month to give the steel a rustic patina look, which will stand out when against the bright colours of the flowers around it.



  • Making sloped land usable. Retaining walls allow you to create areas of level surface amid sloping hills. This is useful to both homeowners and to farmers who own land in hilly regions
  • Helping to manage water runoff. Strategically positioned retaining walls can redirect the flow of rainwater, protecting the land from oversaturation and flooding
  • Steel is one of the easiest materials to recycle, so a corten steel retaining wall is an environmentally friendly option
  • It is much quicker to erect a steel retaining wall than it is to build a reinforced concrete wall
  • Corten walls are suitable for all soil types
  • Steel retaining walls are load-bearing from the moment they are installed
  • When erecting a steel wall, there is no need to dig out foundations
  • Corten walls are extremely durable, sturdy and require little maintenance