1. Do you provide custom sizes to fit my specific needs?
➔ We can customize as per customer requirement if the volume justify the production efficiency.
2. Can I have a physical/virtual meeting at the office?
➔ Following covid norms we insist on having virtual meetings however we would be more than happy to discuss the physical visit to our office premises.
3. Can you send Samples of small quantities?
➔ Yes, considering business potential we can discuss sampling requirements in small quantities as well.
4. Do you have a local sales representative?
➔ Yes, we have local sales representatives; who coordinate for our on-site sales and local distribution in the US, UK, Canada, Dubai, Australia.
5. Will my drawing be safe after you get it?
➔ Yes, if a customer insists on Non-Disclosure Agreement we can discuss and work upon the requirement and we will not release your design to a third party unless with your permission.